Boys n’ Gals or should i better say Bitcoiners and Altcoiners? The last days were very exciting for me. I couldn’t believe my eyes while looking at my Portfolio. All coins are on the rise. If you haven’t seen the long term aspects of holding then this candle should open your eyes now.

What has happened? The usual white noise is appearing in the Bitcoin space. People are investing more and more into the ETF’s and also the trust in government-issued securities seems to fall; my personal opinion. On the other hand

WHAT WILL HAPPEN? As usual we have a bitcoin halving. on Block 840000 the reward will be split in half. This means that instead of 6,25BTC miners will now get a reward of 3,125BTC per block. This makes it even harder for mining pools to find blocks. What it does to the Price? Well just as in any limited good it’s not much different from mining. The price will probably ditch a bit and kick out all the weakhands – then we are about to skyrocket. How high this is about. to happen? only the market knows. My personal opinion for this date; grab some popcorn, the biggest TV you can find, open tradingview and prepare for a large amount of green!